Eligibility for Free Classes

You are eligible for free Foster or Kinship Care Education classes if you:

1.      Parent a child placed in out of home care and you want to improve your parenting skills.
2.      Taking care of a relatives child.
3.      Needing to complete State mandated Foster Care Education Requirements.
4.      Interested in being a  Foster or Adoptive Parent.


Foster Care Education Classes

Offers classes on a variety of topics, including:

  • Accessing education and health services
  • Adolescent pregnancy prevention
  • Adoption and concurrent planning issues
  • Basic child development
  • Cultural diversity and sensitivity
  • Medically fragile infants and children
  • Self-esteem enhancement
  • Understanding and working with the court system


Kinship Care Education Classes

Offers classes on a variety of topics, including:

  • Changes in family relationships
  • Changes in lifestyle and routines
  • Dealing with feelings of isolation, grief, anger, fear and frustration
  • Financial struggles
  • Health problems caused by pressures of parenting responsibilities
  • Lack of child care and respite care services
  • Lack of information on legal and community resources


Ongoing Foster Care Education

Ongoing foster care education is essential given that children are coming into the court system with greater histories of abuse and neglect than ever before.  Consequently, it has become more important than ever to develop excellent parenting skills, knowledge of the court system, as well as a strong and ongoing support system.